Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gucci for the Good

High Fashion + The best feeling after a purchase = Win-Win, Right? Not all of us can happily say we feel 100% guilt-free and absolutely satisfied with a shopping splurge- unless we are let's say, rolling in money. The usual phrase we often hear in our heads would be "Should I have used that money to pay for this months' groceries?" or something along those lines. I mean food is a need; but then again, so is fashion. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all let go of that remorse and go on to enjoy what we just bought? Many brands have teamed up with organizations to donate a percentage of their profits to help raise money for righteousness. And luxury brand Gucci is doing just that- in fact they have been teamed up with UNICEF for six years now. The organization's mission is to save children and orphans that are affected by HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. For the past few years, Gucci has been fundraising campaigns and designing handbags to raise efforts which supply clean water, health care, protection, and education to support children in need.

Every year, Gucci has designed a different 
handbag with 25% of the retail price proceeds to UNICEF.
(shown above: Sukey Bag, La Pelle Guccissima 
sold between: 4.15.10-2.28.11)

Gucci Joy Bag: 2009

Yesterday's issue of WWD announced the official Gucci Children's wear Line debut on Thursday at the Pitti Bimbo Trade Fair in Florence. In a sense, Gucci is pledging $1 Million for UNICEF's Schools for Africa Program, their strive is to increase childrens' access to basic education. Altogether within Gucci's six years of association with the organization, they have reached over $8 Million. In the past, Gucci Creative Designer Frida Giannini had designed exclusive accessory collections to benefit UNICEF campaigns. Giannini had visited Malawi last November and saw the difficult conditions faced by the children of sub-Suharan Africa and realized how many Americans take their lives for granted. The children's wear line will be available in Gucci stores, online at, and in specialty and department stores starting this November. The line includes apparel, accessories, and footwear. They are split into two groups; ages  0 to 24 months and 2 to 8 years. 

Now as for our next shopping spree; Gucci anyone? Now that's a win-win in my eyes.