Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion's Night Out!

So last night Manhattan was literally the city that never sleeps. Shoppers were everywhere; uptown, downtown, name it, the place was packed. Me and my roommate Arielle started leaving around 4:30 to 5th ave. The first line to form there was at Nine West, to see Joss Stone perform. As we walked up and down 5th, the streets were starting to fill rapidly and the line just to get into Bergdorf's was insane. The fifth floor was flooded, waiting for Mary J. Blige's PA. I got my FNO T-Shirt at Saks, where they were already running out of Smalls! Leaving 5th, we headed down to Times Square to see Kat Von D at Sephora on 7th & 42nd. Walked back to 5th & 50th, one of the sites for a free ride in the Jetta who sponsored FNO. The driver took us down to Soho after a long traffic ride and we met up with some friends who were on line to see Rachel Zoe at Piperlime. The line was almost never-ending. By the time we were almost there, it was 10pm. She was scheduled to leave then; as she walked out the door with security the mob moved in closer with screaming fans. As the night was almost over, we found another mob gathered around a hotel and wondered who it was for. After waiting a short while, Karl Lagerfeld was standing right next to the door. I couldn't believe it. Karl Lagerfeld. And again, security creating a path for him to get on to his bus. It was a dangerous spot. Ended the night having dinner with friends at Caliente Cab Co. in the West Village!

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