Monday, October 25, 2010

Stella & Dot. Trunk Show

After doing a bit of research on trunk shows, I came across the jewelry line, Stella & Dot. The brand sounded familiar, I visited their website and found that their unique luxe jewels were featured in major publications such as In Style, Lucky, and Cosmopolitan. Speaking of unique, the way Stella & Dot showcases their brand is quite interesting. The line is sold exclusively through professional jewelry stylists who offer trunk shows in personal homes. Their belief that jewelry should not be locked in a glass case makes perfect sense- jewelry should be fun and easy to try on. Trained stylists are there for a reason- to find that perfect piece to fit the customer's lifestyle and taste. The website encourages "5 Simple Themes" for 2-hour trunk shows. They include: girl's night out, 'style makes me happy' hour, drop off, drop in for style, office break style, and sunday afternoon. Of course, there are no limits as to the fun themes for a jewelry trunk show. The hostess of the trunk show will also enjoy generous rewards through Stella & Dot. It's an overall fun and exciting shopping experience! Take a look at one of the trunk shows here:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chanel Trunk Show Seen at Vizio Optic

If you haven't heard of Vizio Optic, they are a high-end boutique that sells quality eyewear. Located in Brookline Village, MA, they were featured in the "Boston Magazine" where they won the "Best of Boston Eyeglasses". Chanel, known to many for their designer quality of high-end fashion are featuring their line of sunglasses at Vizio Optic. In the above video, you can see their collection shown in a trunk show. This way of presenting a line is great since it showcases the brand as well as the boutique, gaining exposure to local people around the area. Customers are also more likely to purchase items after having a personal conversation or seeing the trunk show live. Vizio Optic only sells Chanel Brand eyeglasses in store. I feel that the trunk show sophisticated and showcases the line beautifully.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Color Trend: Radiate your day with RED.

Who says Valentine's Day is the only day everyone should wear red? Imagine if everyone you see today were wearing the shade of hearts. How different would your day be? You would be sure to stay awake then, the bright color attracts your eye...that explains why it's a primary color we learned about in kindergarten. In the evergrowing industry of fashion, changes occur everyday. Street fashion plays a large role in today's influence on trends. Yes red can be considered a classic, but it is currently a huge color trend. The bold color compliments most skin tones. If you are more of a simple girl that prefers muted tones as opposed to bold daring colors, try something small to start off with. Accessories are perfect for adding a pop of red into your wardrobe. Start shopping and be ready for attenion!
Street Fashion
Street Fashion
Street Fashion
Red Gloves from Aldo.

Red Suede Heels from Anthropologie.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Warm Autumn 2011 Key Colors.

Real and natural colors are emerging for next Autumn, and I am so excited to see these shades eventually implement to trends. After our long reflection of past seasons, next autumn is filled with warm colors inspired by nature itself. Be ready to see many shades of neutrals inspired by the beauty within our earth. Letting go of bright processed hues, we finally find the appreciation for unproccessed, clean colors. My favorite color for next autumn would be a deep violet shade, a picture below is shown from WGSN. The color has a vintage feel, romantic yet dark. The shades of purple seem to have a bruised tone, in contrast to the softer lilac pastel colors.
Overall, the color analysis of all shades are mostly on the deeper side, even the brights are toned down. The hues remain untouched and stripped from any form of processing. When I think about Autumn 2011, I imagine walking through the countryside, a cozy dose of nature surrounded by the warm shades of the brisk leaves and neutral sky.

Darks, Midtones, and Brights: Pantone Shades.


Image Source: WGSN.