Monday, October 18, 2010

Chanel Trunk Show Seen at Vizio Optic

If you haven't heard of Vizio Optic, they are a high-end boutique that sells quality eyewear. Located in Brookline Village, MA, they were featured in the "Boston Magazine" where they won the "Best of Boston Eyeglasses". Chanel, known to many for their designer quality of high-end fashion are featuring their line of sunglasses at Vizio Optic. In the above video, you can see their collection shown in a trunk show. This way of presenting a line is great since it showcases the brand as well as the boutique, gaining exposure to local people around the area. Customers are also more likely to purchase items after having a personal conversation or seeing the trunk show live. Vizio Optic only sells Chanel Brand eyeglasses in store. I feel that the trunk show sophisticated and showcases the line beautifully.

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