Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fashion Shows, Taken to New Streams

In this changing world of fashion, technology can't help but play a huge role! Especially when it comes to fashion shows. Back in the day, the majority of people who attended shows were the ones who really mattered in the industry; editors, buyers, designers, media...but now who are the ones in the front row? Bloggers, celebrities, and socialites have their names written all over the A-List seats. How did this happen? The world of Twitter, Facebook, and Blogspot have flowed through, creating a stream of social media that affects our everyday lives. In fact, anyone can attain the access to watch designer shows during Fashion Week, through streamed videos online. A greater audience can feel a part of the fashion world by tuning in to what is going on, in New York City and other fashion capitals. Social media is a fascinating world of updates as to what's new, every second of the day. It's a smart and free marketing tool for brands and retailer. A snapshot of a look from the runway could be the next "tweet" and a status update could inform everyone a new fashion trend. Live fashion streams are definitely the next new show format. It is revolutionizing the way we live, constantly changing and exciting. And that's how the world of fashion should be, never boring and absolutely always changing.

Photo Credit: Twitter.com

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