Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Everyday's a Shopping Day

My last post was all about Black Friday, and how that particular day held the power to predict the status of the economy. Well, on Friday I was one in a million who was crazy enough to wake up at 4am and join the crowd as retailers were ready to open the doors for the sea of people waiting outside. I went home to Long Island for the week and spent two days at Roosevelt Field Mall. As I shopped, I realized how mostly all the prices remained the same. There were particular items that were listed on sale to attract people to walk through the doors, but what made that day special from any other shopping day? I watched crowds of people in each store as they waited on line for the fitting room and to purchase. Two hours at Urban friend and I waited on the line as it wrapped around the store several times. Their sale only lasted until 10am, adding an extra 50% off sale items. The hype of "Black Friday" had everyone in the mindset to shop. And for the economy, it's a positive sign. The National Retailer's Federation (NRF) surveyed results that are boosting the economy. Finally! Shoppers spent $365.34 compared to last year's $343.31 billion.

As for today, it's Cyber Monday! All the tweets I saw today had something to do with great deals. So of course, I had to shop! I have a good reason to, I need new boots and the economy needs a boost. I visited Bloomies in Soho last night, only to find a perfect pair of Lauren by Ralph Lauren dark brown leather riding boots on sale...that ran out of a size 6. I have been searching forever to find new boots, only to be disappointed many times because I am so picky. But this is a classic, and I placed my order today. There was free shipping over orders over $100 and many items were 30-40% off.

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