Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Glamour of FAUX Fur.

A controversy topic in the fashion world for years, fur never quite faded away as a trend throughout the years. And there's a significant reason for that; I find furs to look very classy, sophisticated and upscale- no matter if it's a full length coat, a cropped fur vest, or a small chic handbag. I love the quality that fur adds to an outfit, but would probably never go as far as wearing real fur...I'm all for faux. I remember as a five year girl, I had my favorite faux white mink coat that I would happily wear around everywhere during the cold winter days. This past summer, I interned for a wholesale fur showroom and gained quite a bit of knowledge about furs. They are still in pretty high demand, and much of the furs are shipped here from far eastern countries. Before then, I never really gave fur very much thought in their affect to the world. In a way, it is sad how we kill animals for our own vanity. Organizations such as PETA have been fighting for years to stop fur for fashion. Many designers such as Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Kenneth Cole, and even Karl Lagerfeld are saying no to the use of fur in their designs. This is a positive move, I mean if we can still achieve the look of fur without using real fur and hurting animals (and save some serious $$!) -why not? Maybe it can even be your New Year's resolution! Faux fur is just as glamourous-take a look at some of my finds:

ROK 'Wild Thing' Leopard Jacket
Free People Faux Fur Capelet
Kenna-T Faux Fur Vest
Via Spiga 'Andria' Leopard Jacket
Kate Spade New York 'Cat's Meow-Maryanne' 
Faux Fur Shopper
Sam Edelman 'Shalin' Faux Fur Boot

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