Monday, March 14, 2011

Have a Heart & Donate a Soul.

Everything that is going on in the world makes an affect on the fashion industry someway somehow- whether it may be politically, economically or socially. And lately I've been thinking about what the world is going through today. Recently, we found out that the earthquake that hit Japan has left over100 people dead and 600 injured. Natural disasters are never good news, its heartbreaking to even hear about.
In small ways, reaching out can be easier than you would have thought. Many companies are realizing the importance of coming together to make a difference. Soles4Souls has one simple procure shoes and get them to the needy. They started in year 2004, when a tsunami hit Southeast Asia. Wayne Elsey, the Founder and CEO of Soles4Souls, came up with the idea to start a non-profit to send over millions of pairs of shoes down to the gulf coast communities that were affected. Companies can donate their shoes easily from their customer returns and overstock. If you or anyone you know are willing to donate, please do so at

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