Sunday, April 3, 2011

Macy's 2011 Flower Show.

It's finally spring! And one of the best parts about living in Chelsea is that I'm only a few steps away from Herald Square where the streets are swimming in stores. I always keep my eye out new trends, whether that may be new window displays or street style itself. The annual "Macy's Flower Show" is my highlight of passing by 34th Street. The spring decorations always brighten up my day, even if April may be rainy. I especially loved the accessories featured on the windows of the Flower Show. Of Course! My obsession with bold, chunky jewelry is only heightened when I see them illuminated under the bright lights. Pictures are here below, only took forever to take because of course everyone is always walking. Hope they brighten your day too!


Brodsky Organization said...

I completely agree, the Macy's Flower Show is one of the biggest perks about living in Chelsea. Despite the April showers, it's nice to escape into a flowery Spring oasis. Soon enough, the sun will be shining and the flowers will be blooming in Central Park as well!

style meets story said...

Very true! May will be just around the corner. Keep reading my blog for new posts!