Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 Minutes inside Jaime's Closet

One of the best parts of being back in Long Island for summer is seeing my old friends. It was a warm evening, the sun was just setting as I arrived at Jaime Lefkowitz's house around 7pm on Monday night. She greeted me with one of her usual cheery hugs as I walked inside. She was wearing a loose colorful tie dye t-shirt with a pair of easy cotton shorts.

I have known Jaime since high school, and we became best friends at the age of fourteen. Needless to say...we have gone on many shopping trips together, shared style advice, and everything in between. Now, Jaime is entering her junior year at New Paltz, studying Art Education and Art History with a concentration in ceramics. She's the artsy/boho/hippie type with naturally dark curly locks and a free spirit that is lucky enough to pull off crop tops and harem pants.

Basically, I went over to hang out but also to have our annual closet clean out. And what is this, exactly? Well, every summer we clean each other's closets and get rid of clutter to free up space for the new. After sorting out a bunch of old shoes to the reject section- it was time to ask a few fashionable questions...

Wendy: You seem to have a very eclectic closet. What do you think about while getting dressed every morning?

Jaime: I always have to think about what's the weather like, what will I be doing that day, whether it will be a lazy day or not a lazy day. Also when I paint, I like to wear big tees like the one I'm wearing. When I work with ceramics, I never go for jeans. The button of the pants would always go into the wheel when I lean over to create the ceramics. Leggings are definitely more comfortable. And I usually have to wear an apron!

Wendy: So I see lifestyle plays a large part in your fashion outfits! Moving on in college, how has your style evolved?

Jaime: I think I've definitely grown to be more mature with my style. If I could I would wear high heels everyday to class, but that's not possible. If I were to take all art history classes it could work...but I always need to think of comfort.

Wendy: How is style in New Paltz different than in Long Island?

Jaime: More bohemian and laid back. The weather is the same. I just stand out wearing these. (Points to blazers on the left side of her closet.) People associate you with that- My classmates and suitemates...everyone wears jeans and t-shirts. I don't do that or feel comfortable in that. This fall, I can't wait to wear my long skirts to class.

Wendy: What is your current favorite item in your closet?

Jaime: My new Tory Burch bag! It's perfect for summer.

Wendy: I love it! How would you describe your "signature style"?

Jaime: Boho Chic- but it changes. But I always stay true to boho. I could have a preppy day here and there.

Wendy: What designers do you admire?

Jaime: Right now, I'm loving Chloé. But my heart goes out to Prada...I love the colorblock I've seen on the runways, Miu Miu, and of course, the classic Chanel.

Wendy: And how many pairs of shoes are in your closet?

Jaime: Too many!

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