Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Would you rather receive a love letter in print or through email? Obviously, your choice would most likely lean towards the print version, right? There's just something a bit more personal if the letter is handwritten or typed-addressed and delivered to you. So does this same philosophy apply to the world of magazines today? The question of print versus new technology is not a new topic as the controversial sides of each have been overlooked ever since technology began growing rapidly. Recently the Apple iPad 2 developed and changed the world as we know it. I, for one I am and always will be for print. But my stubbornness to stick to hardcopies has definitely softened a bit when my magazine subscriptions offered free versions to my iPad. I tried it out, and I am very impressed. Images can now be three dimensional! Jumping to a website link referred on an editorial credit is incredibly easy and fast. Not even to mention its convenience on not having to lug around five extra pounds of weight with me.

I recently read through the June issue of Allure, finding Editor-in-Chief, Linda Wells letter from the editor "Love Letter." Allure is now among one of the many mags that have moved on to the technology world- allowing the digital magazine to come to life. Especially the fact that Allure is a magazine focused on beauty, the iPad App definitely benefits the reader to explore all the behind-the-scenes videos and process on how to apply make up. In the May issue, the Allure's digital issue allowed the reader to view the model Hana Soukupova's hair ideas in a three dimensional view. Wells writes, "I love the iPad, but not because of the gigabytes or silicon or whatever is stuffed into its aluminum case. I love it because of the words, images, and ideas it projects." I completely agree...and to those who thought the industry of fashion magazines is dying, well here is news to you- it is only growing!

June Cover of Allure
Editor's Letter

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