Saturday, August 6, 2011

FIDOO: The World's First Online Fashion Search Engine

Google? I'm about to toss that like I did last season's handbag. Just kidding, it comes in handy in times of need...but as for now, I'm moving on to something bigger and better. FIDOO is the world's first online fashion search engine. It may just be the best invention since pantyhose in the 1950's; a basic necessity. It's one of those 'Why haven't I thought of creating that?' type of situations. Our world today is expanding very much in technology, especially in the fashion industry. The best part of this site is the elimination of time wasted on contacting stores to find out if an item is in stock- you can get the answer in just a click of a mouse! And you also get honest feedback from real people and who doesn't want that? It's like reading comments on Yelp! before enjoying dinner at a new restaurant downtown. Being a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the site not only helps in my personal shopping and research, but it's an amazing tool to use for future projects as well. Finding the correct brands and items quickly can be a challenge, but I feel that FIDOO will be a revolution.

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