Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Semester, New Planner!

I remember every year at the beginning of each school year I would run around crazy looking for the perfect planner. I probably paid every bookstore in the city a visit. But why am I so specific? Because a busy schedule calls for a clear cut planner to organize the crazyness! I like a planner that shows all seven days and no lines- because they limit so much space, but post-its are a life saver. Finally last year, I was just leaving Borders as I passed by the 'Do It All' Bold Blossoms 17-Month Planner by Orange Circle Studio. A year later, I'm still using it! I absolutely love it, so much that I'm about to order a new one! I just shopped on for the 2012 Lily Ashbury 'Do It All' Planner. It comes on Monday, cannot wait!
2011 Bold Blossoms
2012 Lily Ashbury
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