Sunday, September 4, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's

We've all heard it before: designers collaborating with a low to average priced store to create a line of chicness and affordability; Missoni for Target, Selena Gomez's 'Dream Out Loud' for K-Mart, Lauren Conrad's 'LC' for Kohl's...but who would have expected, Karl Lagerfeld? In my opinion, I think this is great news! It shows that in the world of high fashion, which is definitely expensive, there lives an understanding for the everyday woman. In today's world, an average middle-class woman would definitely dream of a closet filled with nothing but designer, but most likely need to spend their money on necessities. A few days ago, on August 31st, Karl Lagerfeld's line debuted in 235 different Macy's locations, in the 'Impulse' Department. The 45-piece collection includes feminine dresses to tweed separates to chic t-shirts with prices ranging from $50-$170. What do you think of this collection?

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