Thursday, January 5, 2012

Greener New Year

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It's a new year, filled with brand new goals. One top resolution for me is to be more conscious of our beautiful planet. We are blessed to live upon many natural resources. Unfortunately, our lifestyle and carelessness for recycling and taking care of our planet is destroying what we have.

We have the power to change the world, literally! Here are some easy steps to go GREEN:

1. RECYCLE: Turns out going green can be pretty fashionable! If you're like me, you have tons of clothes that have been sitting in your closet that you need to get rid of asap. The solution is simple; recycle them by donating them to The Salvation Army or your local thrift store. Freeing up space and eliminating what you don't need is beneficial to both you and those in need.

Recycling doesn't just stop at clothes: separate your recyclables into Aluminum, Plastic, and Glass. These are all sustainable materials that can be reused again. How easy is it to just take a few more minutes to make sure your recyclables are going to the right place? If we all do it, we can achieve a great difference.

2. DIY:  You heard it before, do-it-yourself. There might be some items that you would like to keep, but you can't wear anymore. I once made decorative pillows out of old tote bags!

Another DIY task, change all the light bulbs in your home to energy efficient ones. These bulbs are usually use 75% less energy than standard light bulbs and last about 6-10 times more. In the long run, you'll be saving lots of $ on your energy bill, while saving resources at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking.

3. CUT BACK: From one shopaholic to another, you have to learn to control your spending. Sure, it is hard to resist the fresh new merchandise in your favorite store, but realistically... do you need it? For me, if I am still thinking about it for over a day, I know I need it and I'll buy it then.

It's important to cut back on printing too. Many companies are offering to go "paperless". Meaning bank statements or shopping receipts can easily be emailed to you instead. By doing so, we are helping reduce the use of paper and ink. Printer cartridges can be recycled, but many simply throw them into the trash.

Instead, there is an easy way to recycle those used ink cartridges on Castle Ink. The 'Recycle for Life' program is perfect for the environment.

So start this new year right, and be more conscious about your actions. Our small steps can lead to a pretty remarkable difference.

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Mimi said...

i've started cutting back bit by bit last year, and this year's goal is to start being serious about recycling. :)

<3, Mimi

Briana said...

I like those ideas wen! I've used those energy saving light bulbs in my dorm since freshman year and they're still working. By using them you're not only being environmentally friendly, but also saving money!

wendy said...

thanks mimi, nice blog!

miss youuu brii and yes i have those too! they're great, i'm bringing another lamp back with me haha xox

Carrie said...

that sounds great. i definitely would like to be serious with recycling as well. i'm gonna tell my mom. thanks for the inspiration :D


mitchinheels said...

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yiqin; said...

omg nice <3

Mia Rivel said...

Hello Lovely,

Just want to wish you an ever sparkling New Year. Love your blog btw =)

-Mia xoxo

BB.Strawberry said...

very good ideas for this new year!!
follow you! hope you visit my blog and if you like it you can follow me back!=)


Style Servings said...

Really great post, I hope lots of people get inspired to do this!

Reese said...

I love your blog. & this is such a great post. Can't wait to read more. Now following :)