Friday, May 25, 2012

Profile Spotlight: Mei-Ling Uliasz of 'Twitch and Whiskers'

Last Saturday, I enjoyed the sunny afternoon down in the West Village, where I came across one of my favorite things about spring in New York; the outdoor flea markets. And there, on West 21st St, between 8th and 9th Ave, I found myself surrounded by creative designers and sellers showcasing their beloved brands. It was an event held called “Crafts in Chelsea Spring Festival” by PS.11 PTA and Etsy New York.

With high-quality, hand-made goods all around, the street was alined with exclusive jewelry, clothing, hand screened tote bags, heartfelt stationary, and more accessories. “Crafts in Chelsea” was created to raise funding for books and supplies for the children at PS.11.

Designer, Mei-Ling Uliasz

Naturally I gravitated towards the jewelry booths. I adore animal inspired jewelry, and Twitch and Whiskers was filled with just that. I met with designer of the brand, Mei-Ling, who shared the story behind the gems. Mei-Ling is a creative who finds interest in making pieces out of miscellaneous materials, which may range from anything from marker caps to metals and lucite. She explains the concept behind “Upcycled Jewelry. Downright Fun” of recycling and reusing various materials to create new and distinctive jewelry pieces. Being a schoolteacher herself, Mei-Ling found inspiration everywhere including the classroom...which explains the marker caps! The animal pieces I found included rabbits, birds, whales, mermaids, but doesn’t stop at just the wild. Some quirky other pieces  included anchors and track medals. Then I saw the beauty in the “upcycled” materials such as chapstick, where you can actually lift the lid...can you say twist for an otherwise average locket?

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