Monday, November 26, 2012

Beanies, Baby! And I'm Not Talking About TY.

If you grew up in the nineties, a feeling of nostalgia might come upon you when I mention TY. It falls into the same category as Tamagotchies, Furbies, and who can forget the Barbie?

TY beanie babies were among the top ten toys of the decade, and supposedly they are worth a million someday, or something along those lines...while we're waiting to strike it rich, let's talk about the ever reoccurring trend; the beanie hat. This week, I've realized how I couldn't bear the cold Manhattan streets without a good knit one on. My collection has grown pretty quickly over the years.

Heads up, here are some warm beanies to look out for this season! You'll be the coolest kid on the block.

One word; cozy.
Kismet Knit Turban

Seamless touch to yet another all black outfit.
Nordic Beanie

Shake ya pom-pom.
Metallic Knit Beanie

Let's not get hot-headed. 
Cashmere Hat
J. Crew

Mellow Down.
Mr.KIM by Eugenia Kim
Saks Fifth Avenue

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fall Back To The Timeless Styles of Classic Watches

Exactly three weeks ago, we did a little time traveling. Okay, it was daylight savings, and was only an hour back. But there are some perks fall wins over spring every time; that extra hour of sleep, rest, relaxation, or however you may choose to spend the extra tidbit of time. In our modern day, traditional watches and clocks are the only time-telling devices that need to be rewound manually. But there’s something to be said about these classic items that never change, and require the same mechanical maintenance. Classic style watches are timepieces which are coming back on trend. Yes, your grandparents had it right. 

With our generation and technology today, why do we spend that extra ounce of energy to manually rewind our watches and clocks if almost all electronics feature automatic settings? Cell phones are our right hand man, and can tell time just as easily. It is just that buying or receiving a watch usually incorporates a feeling of nostalgia; maybe it was a graduation, birthday, anniversary, or retirement present. Watches represent time that is now, as well as milestone memories. 

Inspired by the iconic styles of watches found in the flea markets, brands today are incorporating the concept of vintage, and long-time established brands are bringing back their original styles to men’s and women’s watches sold today. Until the next spring ahead, it’s about time to fall back to old school.

Cartier, Tank Solo 18K Gold & Alligator
Saks Fifth Avenue

Kate Spade 'Brooklyn'
Kate Spade

Nixon 'The Bobbi'

Brera Orologi 'Classico Chronograph Watch'
Saks Fifth Avenue

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Through The Lens

We are at a point where wearing glasses is no longer considered nerdy, but actually cool. Thank you to those Williamsburg hipsters and celebrities sporting over sized grandpa specs, we can see clearly now the rain has gone. Antique inspired eye wear have hit it big, even those lucky ones with 20/20 vision are longing for non-prescriptive pairs. It has become a fashion essential; an accessory to complete the look for both men and women, young and old.

The trend has led greater opportunity in the optical world, allowing retailers to take advantage of the use of internet and selling glasses through the web. Buying a new pair of specs used to be an investment, having your eyes examined in the doctor’s office then choosing your frames wisely. It was an in-person process. Although the practice is still done today, there’s also the option to shop virtually. Warby Parker is one of the first eye wear companies to start the revolution of offering an alternative to expensive eye wear with prescription glasses and sunglasses starting at $95 a pop, “a fraction of the price.” The company holds a strong belief in philanthropy; for every pair of glasses sold, another pair is given to someone in need. How does the process of purchasing glasses through Warby Parker work? Glasses can either be purchased in their showroom or through the web. The customer can choose up to five frame styles, which will be sent to their doorstep. They have five days to try-on a decide which fits best. From there, the customer can order the frame they prefer, with their eye doctor’s prescription consent. Easy enough?

39 Dollar Glasses is another inexpensive eye wear website to add to the list. The eCommerce site also offers complete prescription glasses and sunglasses. As mentioned from The Wall Street Journal, “The frames that fit our testers the best came from”

Simply put, offers the same type of service online, including in-home try on, but includes greater amount of larger brands. The prices range from low to high, with free shipping both ways and free 30 day returns. Additionally, specialty glasses such as 3D, computer, and gaming. And it doesn’t hurt to say that wearing glasses easily makes you look smarter. See for yourself, it will be a witty decision.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bring on the Boots

Morning, Monday! It may be chilly out there, but that's just one more excuse to slip into a beautiful pair of tall boots.

Zip Back Leather Boot

Jimmy Choo
'Dahlia' Fringed Suede and Fur Boot

Loeffler Randall
Printed Calf Hair Boot

Irieboot Quilted Flat Boot

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