Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fall Back To The Timeless Styles of Classic Watches

Exactly three weeks ago, we did a little time traveling. Okay, it was daylight savings, and was only an hour back. But there are some perks fall wins over spring every time; that extra hour of sleep, rest, relaxation, or however you may choose to spend the extra tidbit of time. In our modern day, traditional watches and clocks are the only time-telling devices that need to be rewound manually. But there’s something to be said about these classic items that never change, and require the same mechanical maintenance. Classic style watches are timepieces which are coming back on trend. Yes, your grandparents had it right. 

With our generation and technology today, why do we spend that extra ounce of energy to manually rewind our watches and clocks if almost all electronics feature automatic settings? Cell phones are our right hand man, and can tell time just as easily. It is just that buying or receiving a watch usually incorporates a feeling of nostalgia; maybe it was a graduation, birthday, anniversary, or retirement present. Watches represent time that is now, as well as milestone memories. 

Inspired by the iconic styles of watches found in the flea markets, brands today are incorporating the concept of vintage, and long-time established brands are bringing back their original styles to men’s and women’s watches sold today. Until the next spring ahead, it’s about time to fall back to old school.

Cartier, Tank Solo 18K Gold & Alligator
Saks Fifth Avenue

Kate Spade 'Brooklyn'
Kate Spade

Nixon 'The Bobbi'

Brera Orologi 'Classico Chronograph Watch'
Saks Fifth Avenue

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