Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bizarre Love Triangle

I feel a million memories when I reflect upon my childhood and curiosity towards my mother's jewelry box. It was tucked away carefully in her closet, second shelf in the center. Perfect level for my height to just about reach. She was always and still is open to share anything with me, but there was one rule; put the little gems back where they belonged at the end of the day. I was still too young to own and really care for pieces of gold and jewels. But every time my hands had a hold of the little bronze hexagon box, I felt an instant joy. The stained glass, floral design - almost reminiscent of a church window, was existent all around the item which contained everything I loved. Inside there were brooches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. One in particular that I could not resist. I delicate, thin gold pair of triangle earrings. So basic, yet so beautiful. 

Inspiration hit! And I wanted to find the triangle in everything. Geometric shapes always scream eclectic and interesting to me whether they are existent in accessories and clothing, to skyscrapers and furniture. Looking over the 2013 Pre-Fall Accessories, triangles seemed to have exploded across pointy toe shoes to sharp studded necklaces, they certainly make a point.

Photo Above: Eddie Borgo

Tory Burch

Narcisco Rodriguez

Tory Burch

Charlotte Olympia

Jimmy Choo
Eddie Borgo

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