Saturday, February 16, 2013

Electric & Eclectic: Era of the Sixties - Anna Sui FW'13

I walked into The Theatre at Lincoln Center on Wednesday night, expecting nothing less than a bold, powerful, bash of color and fashion explosion from Anna Sui. Around 6:40pm and expectedly late, a full house included photographers, press, editors, bloggers, and everyone in between as they filled to the full space capacity for the show – and it was certainly a show not to be missed. Lights dimmed, as a choreographed dance started, playing along to the melody of French cover band, Nouvelle Vague. The sounds set the stage; literally, and as the dance concluded, the era of 60’s new age crept upon the runway. Karlie Kloss, model of the moment, walked with a psychedelic opening look, decked out in a hot pink blouse and tights and loafers to match, red printed shift dress accompanied by a shrunken blazer, and finished with a mini lady tie. Oh, blunt bangs, short bob, and cat-eyed too. 
Inspiration taken upon artists to musicians brought out the best of the era, resulting in 48 looks filled with luxurious gem tones of magenta, emerald, burgundy, violet, gold, and royal blue. From printed tanks, silk blouses, mod dresses, cropped jackets, fur coats, swinging capes, colored and metallic tights with socks, velvet chain quilted purses, bright loafers to leather high-knee boots, and embellished pendants, the overload of textures and patterns are overjoyed, not overkilled. Sui isn’t afraid of taking risks – that’s the way fashion should be, right? The energy was pounding throughout and we’re not talking about fashion week caffeine overdose. It was an all white ending, with Karlie Kloss closing the show in all lace; from the bonnet to the tights. Compared to last season’s 70's romantic swingy lace dresses of florals and frills springtime garden party, Sui remained true to her aesthetic. Like an outburst of a gypsy’s suitcase, the collection was a mix-matched, crazy selection of pieces thrown together. Magically, it works.
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Patrik Ervell FW'13

Last night, just half past six, the crowd started to build as a full house attended the Patrik Ervell FW'13 show at Milk Studios during MADE Fashion Week. Known for a style of utility and nonetheless wearable comfort, Patrik Ervell showed a collection of earthy tones and interesting shapes including an oversized cape. Various textures ranging from cable knits to leather, the collection did in fact, seem wearable for the downtown urban guy. My favorite pieces? A black leather backpack and a skinny white tie - perfectly blended and subtle against a white-button down shirt. Here's to fashion meets function.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Four Eyed Face.

I was recently contacted by Firmoo, an global online optical store to receive a pair of prescription or non-prescription glasses and write my feelings away here on style meets story, about their product. So why not? Glasses are a huge part of my life; I've been a glasses wearer since the age of ten. As I turned twelve, I thought I'd be cool enough to try contacts, and now I switch between the two. All I know is, I'd be blind without either. I was curious as to what the Firmoo company was all about, as I've never been exposed to any campaigns or advertisements about it. I know that lately, it's an emerging trend to wear glasses, even for those with twenty-twenty vision - so much that online retailers have picked up the wants of the market, and are starting to offer greater selections. See my previous post, Through The Lens.

Having a great variety and selection of prescription and non-prescription eyewear for men and women, Firmoo is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. Because of the elimination of brick and mortar stores, and expenses cut from obtaining direct materials from manufacturers, Firmoo offers the most affordable eyewear you can get at a quality level. It's available to be shipped to 68 different countries across the globe. The feedback I have to give about the company is their persistence. From the moment I was in touch with the company, their customer service has been straightforward and reliable. I was actually thinking about getting a new pair of black frames, so I knew the style I had in mind. After looking through the selection, I scrolled down to skim over the dimensions. I appreciate that each frame has their exact length and width listed. Nothing is worst than choosing a frame too big or vice versa; and having to go through a mail return. Also, there are many customers who have posted photos of them wearing the frames. It makes it easy to imagine how it would look like in person, and makes the site more interesting! And the insane organization for shape, material, size, and frame is a winner. I chose a large oval black frame with grain-colored temples. I do wish each frame had its own style name though - this one has a style number of #ZS1117.

I then provided my prescription and shipping information. Within a week, my glasses have arrived! The only slight disappointment is that the width was a bit large. Even though I've measured the frame to be the same width as my other pair of glasses. The screws on the side of the frames were also not as tight as they should be. But it does come with extra screws and keychain adjuster.

Try a pair for yourself - Firmoo recently launched a new program 'First Pair Free For New Customers'. Very simple - choose a pair of glasses with single vision lenses and just pay shipping. I definitely recommend it! I'm already thinking about my next pair...round in shape and tortoise in print!

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