Thursday, August 8, 2013

Profile Spotlight: Sydney Dong of 'SD Marvel'

Fashion and functionality; I’ve been thinking about these two words lately, and how they compliment each other. Getting ready for work every morning in the city, always call for a rush out the door - my dilemma is deciding which bag to carry for the day, most of them usually too small or delicate. Recently, I was contacted by Sydney Dong, founder and designer of SD Marvel International Group Ltd. Having never heard of the company before, I was quickly fascinated by the inspiration behind the brand of beautiful handbags.

The story behind SD Marvel, started in Hong Kong in 2009. Sydney describes the brand as “a labor of my love,” as each handbag is designed personally from the designer himself; infusing a concept of hand-crafted artisan quality. The proprietary signature weaving is significant, and inspired by the mother who weaves warmth and affection into every article she creates for her child. The brand currently features a variety of woven leather handbags including totes, satchels, clutches, and evening bags. Every handbag includes a safe lock, which was originally requested from the designer's clients to ensure safe belongings. Since then, the concept stayed and is existent on every design. The locks represent the secrets we keep, of the protection of our inner sanctuary and domain. "It is a reminder to every woman to stand independent with her own sense of strong security," says Sydney. His passion towards the finest details in his designs are exceptional; as the quality holds up from the handbag itself, its closure with locks, exterior coin purses, key holders, to its interior cell phone space. The name SD Marvels derives from the designer's initials and the term, Marvel, from the vision to create marvelous products, representing love and art.

Setting itself apart from other handbag brands, SD Marvel brings about a holistic concept of magnetic therapy. How? It's all in the straps - the Morgan collection features a magnetic strip within the shoulder straps. The benefit of the feature allow the wearer to experience improvement of blood flow, pain reduction, and reduce tension from the weight of the handbag. The concept is a traditional Eastern belief - talk about functionality! We all need the perfect balance, the ying-yang, between fashion and utilitarianism.

Now four years after the launch of the brand, it has expanded across Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and China. What’s next in mind? Sydney hopes to reach out to the audience in the United States, and to eventually represent SD Marvel as a global fashion icon.

Want to know more about SD Marvel? See the workmanship behind the process of the artisan's work by visiting their website, and like their page on Facebook.

Some of my favorite looks from the 2013-2014 Lookbook -
All come in a variety of colors, see website for more details.

 Hollywood-Star Crossbody Bag

 Sasa & Elsa Couple Tote Bag

 Star Queen Sheep Leather Bag
Sandy Patent Double Zippers Tote Bag

 Morgan Weave Pattern

 The making of the Marvel Twist Bag

Safe Locks

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