Friday, November 7, 2014

Bonobos Fall Style Challenge

It’s been a crazy past few months, and with the blink of an eye, we’re already in full-on autumn mode. One of the best things about this season is hands down, bundling up in cozy layers. Just while I’ve been thinking about my fall wardrobe (with a pumpkin spice latte in hand), men’s apparel company, Bonobos contacted me to participate in their Fall Style Challenge and style looks to accompany their new line of suits.

I’m fascinated by the a number of successful e-commerce retailers on the market today. Bonobos started out 7 years ago striving to create the perfect pair of pants with an impeccable fit (and no bunched waistbands!). That vision eventually expanded to dress shirts, denim, outerwear, ties, and of course, suits.

Seeing all of the options of these new suits, it doesn’t come to a surprise that the first one I gravitated to includes my favorite color: emerald green. Scroll down and you’ll find their Capstone Slim Tuxedo. The dark plaid pattern and tailored cut gives it a old world charm that works perfectly for the next holiday party, so I thought what better to pair it with than a LGD? In translation, little green dress (decked out with jewels, of course!). I found this beautiful Erdem piece, and paired it with classic silver accessories and black embellished Rochas pumps.

Alexis Bittar crystal deco emerald encrusted hinged bracelet, $395;, Rochas embellished suede and leather pumps, $1,445;, Erdem Brenton embellished crepe dress, $3,785;, Dannijo Pi earrings, $128;,  Lulu Guinness Mirrored Perspex Lips clutch, $424;

Talk about plaid on plaid! This men's look with the Capstone suit is casual-cool. The double pattern paired with a fun printed tie works perfect for a lunch date. For the women's look, I thought to play off the shades of blue and aimed for a floral pencil skirt. The statement piece is matched with a navy cashmere turtleneck and finished with timeless accessories. For a fun kick, I added a pair of Acne Studios metallic silver booties with a chunky heel. 

Loro Piana Glace cashmere turtleneck, $1,749;, Nixon Small Time Teller watch, $95;, Calla cyan mauve sweatshirt skirt, $205;, Antiquities Couture Moonlit Sky Earrings, $65;, Dailylook classic saddlebag, $50;, Acne Studios ankle boots, $620;

These are my favorites, but there are endless options to choose from. Safe to say I'm a fan of online shopping (or any shopping of that matter) and love the concept of Bonobos mainly being a web retailer. And bonus, they actually also have brick-and-mortar stores aka "Guideshops". And no need to even carry a shopping bag out the door--the pieces that you buy would be delivered and en route to your home shortly after your visit. Pretty neat, right? Check out the whole men's suits collection at!

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Solstice

Today marks exactly one week since summer began. 7 days since June 21st - and with the turn of every season, means one thing for my closet; wardrobe update. I'll add in new pieces, but also bring out my favorite flowy dresses that were stored away in untouched drawers during the what seemed like endless cold months. Even my jewelry box gets revived - hello seashell earrings!

The start of every summer happens when the Sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator. That means longer days, shorter nights, and that crisp warm breeze I felt while walking by midtown the other day, and came across the Dandelion Fountains. There's actually 2 of them on 6th Ave between 54th and 55th Street. They've been there for as long as I can remember, but somehow looked different against the beaming sunlight. I captured a close up view of the snapshot moment. One thing about the turn of the the solstice that fascinates me every year is how much it stands as a bright reminder of change. Doing something small can be of great impact whether it's a closet refresh or simply appreciating the beauty of a historic ornamental structure. And with that, happy summer.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The One-sie

ONE, two, three, four, tell me what I love more and more? Enchanting little rompers and playsuits bring me back to the nostalgic days of childhood in the suburbs. And this season, I can't get enough of the '90s-inspired denim, floral and lace pieces!

Photo Credit: Polyvore

Friday, February 14, 2014

Fifty Shades of Pink

Ralph Lauren

New York Fashion Week – It’s been a long, busy, week here in the city, as designers showed their Fall/Winter 2014 collections down the runways at the notable Lincoln Center, around Manhattan, and yes, even Brooklyn. I’ve spent time visiting quite a few shows, seeing the beautiful fabrics and silhouettes up close, and then after, researched more trends of the upcoming season. I’m not just saying this because today is Valentine’s Day – but I actually love the pink trend. I’m blushing to admit, but I’ve stayed away from the shade since a child. But from the soft pastel baby rose to darker salmon tones, pink is IN. Would you spring for it?

Marc Jacobs


Rebecca Minkoff

Alexander Wang

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Moschino Wonderland on MYTRND

The other day, I was on my daily subway commute to work. The 1 train, 50th Street, to be exact, and was stopped by the intricate mosaic tiles of beautiful artwork that we so easily pass by on our early morning rush in New York. It was subway art, and it was quite beautiful. The "Alice In Wonderland" characters on the walls was something I've seen plenty of times before but never really focused on and needed a little bit of researching. I've found that the artist behind the piece, "Alice: The Way Out" was by Liliana Porter, who finished the gem back in 1994. 

I just so had "Wonderland" in mind when website, MYTRND, asked for a review on any chosen collection they feature. They officially partner with Copenhagen Fashion Week, and dedicate to show the best fashion look books, with reviews from buyers, bloggers, designers, editors, fashion houses, journalists, retailers, and wholesalers. I came across the Moschino SS14 collection, and it nonetheless resembled that playful and fearless style you would see characters wearing in a fantasy world. I can't wait to see what Moschino has planned this coming season!

Read and flip through the look book!
Link: Moschino - MYTRND 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Perfect Pair: Project Shoe

What happens when you combine two powerful elements of e-commerce and beautiful shoes? Win-win. Project Shoe is a fashion based website, recently founded in December 2013, dedicated to fill the gap in every shoe lover’s heart—it allows consumers to design their own footwear, whether that may be comfy flats or sky-high heels; with a selection of 12 styles, and a variety of materials ranging from genuine leather to Italian pony hair. And don’t forget the icing on the cake—decoration pieces of studs or feathers of choice. The process is then continued with selection of size, and wa-la! Wait about 2-4 weeks for the beauties to arrive. The company is based in the United States, with workshops in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Korea. Project Shoe opens up a world of imagination and self-expression to the consumer. With a precision for superior fit and quality, every pair is crafted with attention to detail and structure. In shoe heaven yet? I met with co-founder, Aryo Ariotedjo, to get the inside scoop!

How did the concept of Project Shoe come to life?
My background comes from investment companies and building businesses in Asia. While in Indonesia, I’ve seen many workshops produce high-end brands, particularly in shoes. I was surprised by how high the mark up was. So I thought to experiment and bring that market into e-commerce and expand into the United States. The prices of our shoes range from about $175-$300, depending on the chosen styles and materials, which are imported from Italy and South Korea.

What inspired the launch of the company?
It started out like this; our holding company, Grupara Inc., which I founded in 2011, is the investor. Every time we create companies, we always give them a name like Project this, Project that. So we used it as a prototype. But after thinking, it fits as the name of the brand. I mean, it’s like a project to make your own shoes. We didn’t want to name it something too sassy because we want to be safe in case one day we expand into men’s and kid’s shoes. Our workshop can make those items, but we just want to focus on women’s for right now.

Can you tell me about the process of the launch?
Well, the idea came to me in July 2013. I was making sure if I wanted to do this, because at the time, I had been a part in building 4 companies, including this one. Project Shoe was the most funded; investors liked the concept of the idea. In just a few months, the website launched. It was very quick!

How’s the lifestyle transition of moving to New York City?
I just moved to Greenwich Village last Monday with my wife and son--the pace is very fast in New York. Our office is located in Soho. Of course, the first few months of starting a new business is the hardest part. But I’ve always liked experimenting things. I was an underdog in high school and no one believed in me, but it’s nice that I found something and can create things that people enjoy. I moved to New York because I wanted a challenge; I had everything including a house and car in Indonesia. I remember my parents told me, “You will lose a lot of money doing this, but at the end it will be good.” It’s also hard to communicate with my team in Indonesia—There is a 12-hour time difference! So realistically, the only window to speak is around the hours of 8pm-11pm, which is the next morning for them.

Let’s talk a little more about the company’s marketing—Any plans in the making?
On the homepage to the website right now, we feature “Fetish Shoes For Your Valentine” and inspiration to design the perfect pair for the holiday. Project Shoe is still very new, and we are looking to be in touch with publicists for media exposure. We currently have social media handles for Project Shoe, and have reached out to students in Parsons The New School for Design in New York City and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. We had them design their own shoes, and asked for their feedback. We’re going to do a campaign in April, where we bring the materials to consumers to show the product in person. There’s actually 170 materials available, but only 160 of them are currently available on the website.

And lastly, what are future goals for Project Shoe?
We are thinking about expanding on the features of the product; those with flat feet or wide feet would be able to tailor the shoe according to fit. And eventually, if we raise the next investment, a storefront is a possibility for Project Shoe!

Learn more about Project Shoe on their website.
Follow their footsteps on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!
Photos Courtesy of Aryo Arotedjo of Project Shoe

Friday, January 24, 2014

Caribbean Coastline

It's beyond belief that just a couple weeks ago, I was warm and toasty, along the Caribbean sands of the Bahamas -- especially now that I'm back in the below ten degrees air of New York! As every adventure entails, sightseeing is a must. My travel buddy and I visited the beautiful towers of Atlantis to the immersed shopping area of the Straw Market. Nonetheless, we had to keep in check of something so important -- what were people there wearing? Before leaving home, I thought about this. So, I overpacked a suitcase full of options; lightweight sweaters, maxi dresses, skirts, swimsuits, and sandals. I found that the Bahamians and tourists alike, sported everything from athletic tops and shorts to sundresses and espadrilles. It's almost like anything goes, just like the sporadic sun-showers; unexpected and beautiful. 

Photo Credits: Own.