Friday, January 24, 2014

Caribbean Coastline

It's beyond belief that just a couple weeks ago, I was warm and toasty, along the Caribbean sands of the Bahamas -- especially now that I'm back in the below ten degrees air of New York! As every adventure entails, sightseeing is a must. My travel buddy and I visited the beautiful towers of Atlantis to the immersed shopping area of the Straw Market. Nonetheless, we had to keep in check of something so important -- what were people there wearing? Before leaving home, I thought about this. So, I overpacked a suitcase full of options; lightweight sweaters, maxi dresses, skirts, swimsuits, and sandals. I found that the Bahamians and tourists alike, sported everything from athletic tops and shorts to sundresses and espadrilles. It's almost like anything goes, just like the sporadic sun-showers; unexpected and beautiful. 

Photo Credits: Own.

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