Friday, February 7, 2014

Moschino Wonderland on MYTRND

The other day, I was on my daily subway commute to work. The 1 train, 50th Street, to be exact, and was stopped by the intricate mosaic tiles of beautiful artwork that we so easily pass by on our early morning rush in New York. It was subway art, and it was quite beautiful. The "Alice In Wonderland" characters on the walls was something I've seen plenty of times before but never really focused on and needed a little bit of researching. I've found that the artist behind the piece, "Alice: The Way Out" was by Liliana Porter, who finished the gem back in 1994. 

I just so had "Wonderland" in mind when website, MYTRND, asked for a review on any chosen collection they feature. They officially partner with Copenhagen Fashion Week, and dedicate to show the best fashion look books, with reviews from buyers, bloggers, designers, editors, fashion houses, journalists, retailers, and wholesalers. I came across the Moschino SS14 collection, and it nonetheless resembled that playful and fearless style you would see characters wearing in a fantasy world. I can't wait to see what Moschino has planned this coming season!

Read and flip through the look book!
Link: Moschino - MYTRND 

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