Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Solstice

Today marks exactly one week since summer began. 7 days since June 21st - and with the turn of every season, means one thing for my closet; wardrobe update. I'll add in new pieces, but also bring out my favorite flowy dresses that were stored away in untouched drawers during the what seemed like endless cold months. Even my jewelry box gets revived - hello seashell earrings!

The start of every summer happens when the Sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator. That means longer days, shorter nights, and that crisp warm breeze I felt while walking by midtown the other day, and came across the Dandelion Fountains. There's actually 2 of them on 6th Ave between 54th and 55th Street. They've been there for as long as I can remember, but somehow looked different against the beaming sunlight. I captured a close up view of the snapshot moment. One thing about the turn of the the solstice that fascinates me every year is how much it stands as a bright reminder of change. Doing something small can be of great impact whether it's a closet refresh or simply appreciating the beauty of a historic ornamental structure. And with that, happy summer.

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